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  August 7, 2007

  • Multifunctional T(H)1 cells define a correlate of vaccine-mediated protection against Leishmania major
    Darrah PA, Patel DT, De Luca PM, Lindsay RW, Davey DF, Flynn BJ, Hoff ST, Andersen P, Reed SG, Morris SL, Roederer M, Seder RA
    Nat Med. 2007 Jul;13(7):843-850
    PMID: 17558415

  • Functional characterization of both MAP kinases of the human malaria parasite Plasmodium falciparum by reverse genetics
    Dorin-Semblat D, Quashie N, Halbert J, Sicard A, Doerig C, Peat E, Ranford-Cartwright L, Doerig C
    Mol Microbiol. 2007 July 26; [Epub ahead of print]
    PMID: 17651389

  • A Toxoplasma gondii mutant defective in responding to calcium fluxes shows reduced in vivo pathogenicity
    Lavine MD, Knoll LJ, Rooney PJ, Arrizabalaga G
    Mol Biochem Parasitol. 2007 Jun 19 [Epub ahead of print]
    PMID: 17643508

  • Epigenomic modifications predict active promoters and gene structure in Toxoplasma gondii
    Gissot M, Kelly KA, Ajioka JW, Greally JM, Kim K
    PLoS Pathog. 2007 Jun 8;3(6):e77 [Epub ahead of print]
    PMID: 17559302

  • Variable expression of the 235 kDa rhoptry protein of Plasmodium yoelii mediate host cell adaptation and immune evasion
    Iyer JK, Amaladoss A, Ganesan S, Preiser PR
    Mol Microbiol. 2007 Jul;65(2):333-46. Epub 2007 Jun 21
    PMID: 17590237

  • Plasmodium strain determines dendritic cell function essential for survival from malaria
    Wykes MN, Liu XQ, Beattie L, Stanisic DI, Stacey KJ, Smyth MJ, Thomas R, Good MF
    PLoS Pathog. 2007 Jul 6;3(7):e96 [Epub ahead of print]
    PMID: 17616976

  • TLR signaling mediated by MyD88 is required for a protective innate immune response by neutrophils to Citrobacter rodentium
    Lebeis SL, Bommarius B, Parkos CA, Sherman MA, Kalman D
    J Immunol. 2007 Jul 1;179(1):566-77
    PMID: 17579078

  • Whole genome analysis of mRNA decay in Plasmodium falciparum reveals a global lengthening of mRNA half-life during the intraerythrocytic development cycle
    Shock JL, Fischer KF, Derisi JL
    Genome Biol. 2007 Jul 5;8(7):R134 [Epub ahead of print]
    PMID: 17612404


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