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December 1, 2005

  • Plasmodium falciparum Variant Surface Antigen Expression Patterns during Malaria.
    PLoS Pathog. 2005 Nov 18;1(3):e26 [Epub ahead of print]
    PMID: 16304608
  • Golgi duplication in Trypanosoma brucei requires Centrin2.
    Science. 2005 Nov 18;310(5751):1196-8. Epub 2005 Oct 27.
    PMID: 16254149
  • Histone-modifying complexes regulate gene expression pertinent to the differentiation of the protozoan parasite Toxoplasma gondii.
    Mol Cell Biol. 2005 Dec;25(23):10301-14.
    PMID: 16287846
  • Disruption of Toxoplasma gondii Parasitophorous Vacuoles by the Mouse p47-Resistance GTPases.
    PLoS Pathog. 2005 Nov 18;1(3):e24 [Epub ahead of print]
    PMID: 16304607
  • Attachment and invasion of Toxoplasma gondii and Neospora caninum to epithelial and fibroblast cell lines in vitro.
    Parasitology. 2005 Nov;131(Pt 5):583-90.
    PMID: 16255816
  • Peculiarities of host cholesterol transport to the unique intracellular vacuole containing toxoplasma.
    Traffic. 2005 Dec;6(12):1125-41.
    PMID: 16262724
  • "Clonal" population structure of the malaria agent Plasmodium falciparum in high-infection regions.Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2005 Nov 29;102(48):17388-93. Epub 2005 Nov 21.
  • PMID: 16301534
  • The entomological inoculation rate and Plasmodium falciparum infection in African children.
    Nature. 2005 Nov 24;438(7067):492-5.
    PMID: 16306991
  • The Plasmodium protein network diverges from those of other eukaryotes.
    Nature. 2005 Nov 3;438(7064):108-12.
    PMID: 16267557

  • Disruption of a Plasmodium falciparum gene linked to male sexual development causes early arrest in gametocytogenesis.
    Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2005 Nov 15;102(46):16813-8. Epub 2005 Nov 7.
    PMID: 16275909


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